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  • MTD斜齿轮减速电机

    MTD series Helical G...

    特点: ◆ 高度的模块化设计。 ◆ 承载能力强,传动平稳,噪音低。 ◆ 密封性能好,适用工况更广泛。 ◆ 传动效率高,节约能源。 ◆ ...

  • MTJ系列弧齿锥齿轮...

    MTJ series Helical B...

    特点: ◆ 高度的模块化设计。 ◆ 承载能力强,传动平稳,噪音低。 ◆ 密封性能好,适用工况更广泛。。 ...

  • MTP系列平行轴斜齿...

    MTP series Parallel ...

    特点: ◆ 高度的模块化设计。 ◆ 承载能力强,传动平稳,噪音低。 ◆ 密封性能好,适用工况更...

  • MTN系列圆柱蜗杆减...

    MTN series Helical W...

    特点: ◆ 高度的模块化设计。 ◆ 承载能力强,传动平稳,噪音低。 ◆ 密封性能好,适用工况更广泛。 ◆ 传动效率高,节约能源。 ◆ 性价比...

  • T系列换向箱

    T series Reversing G...

    特点 ◆ 标准化,多品种,速比1:1、1.5:1、2:1、3:1全部为实际传动比。 ◆ 当速比不为1:1时,横轴输入、纵轴输出为减速,纵轴输入、横轴输出...

  • P 系列万博manbetx登录齿轮减速...

    P series Planetary G...

    特点: ◆ 高度的模块化设计。 ◆ 结构紧凑,体积小,质量轻。 ◆ 传动比范围大,效率高,运转平稳,噪音低。 ◆ 几个万博manbetx登录轮同时传递载荷,使功率分流...

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  • power equipment

  • Coal machinery

  • Metallurgical equipment

  • Environmental water

  • Environmental waste

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    Zhejiang GEAR speed reducer company is a famous professionalenterprise that integrates research,development,manufacture and sales of drive equipment, is a director unit of China gear professional association, Country high new technical enterprise, Zhejiang science and technology enterprise, Wenzhou informationzation demonstration enterprise. R&D center is considered as Zhejiang province enterprise technic center, has 2 invention patents and 22 utility-model patents. GEAR brand has been considered as Wenzhou famous brand and Zhejiang province famous trade name. Widely used in metallurgy mine, beer beverage, painting and dyeing, hoisting and transport, machinery of consructing road, measure and control, storage and logistics,woodworking machinery,equipment of environment protection, packing, pharmacy and leather, solid parking etc.Company firstly passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, 14000 Environment Management System, CE certification, Coal and mining s...

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