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Zhejiang GEAR speed reducer company is a famous professionalenterprise that integrates research,development,manufacture and sales of drive equipment, is a director unit of China gear professional association, Country high new technical enterprise, Zhejiang science and technology enterprise, Wenzhou informationzation demonstration enterprise. R&D center is considered as Zhejiang province enterprise technic center, has 2 invention patents and 22 utility-model patents. GEAR brand has been considered as Wenzhou famous brand and Zhejiang province famous trade name. Widely used in metallurgy mine, beer beverage, painting and dyeing, hoisting and transport, machinery of consructing road, measure and control, storage and logistics,woodworking machinery,equipment of environment protection, packing, pharmacy and leather, solid parking etc.Company firstly passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, 14000 Environment Management System, CE certification, Coal and mining safe certification, SGS certification etc. Company main products are R,S,K,F hard-surface geared motor, high-power gear box, worm gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, cycloidal pin wheel reducer, precision planetary reducer,complete series products can meet all your needs! GEAR company is creating a brilliant future together with you by holding the spirit of inheriting, innovating and pioneering.

  • The enterprise culture


    Trinity vision: to create first-class enterprise, create first-class talents, first-class contribution

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  • About GEAR

  • About GEAR

  • Zhejiang omiter speed reducer Co. owns two brands: "omiter" and "siegel".
    The company was founded in 1989, after more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, the company continues to grow and grow.
    There are more than 300 employees, including more than 50 technology research and development.
    The technology research and development center of the company is identified as the provincial enterprise technology center of Zhejiang province.
    In order to cater to the market demand, the company designed and developed a biological granulator in 2013.
    The main transmission parts are designed and produced by our company.
    To solve a series of difficulties encountered in the granulation process for the customers.
    It was well received by the industry and sold all over the world.
    The company holds the spirit of inheriting, innovating and opening up with you to create a better future together.

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